Dust 514 $20 on PS3, Comes with $20 Virtual Cash

Dust 514 surprised a lot of people coming out of E3, the massively multiplayer FPS taking place within the fascinating Eve Online universe. Details are free from their confines now thanks to an interview by Joystiq.

The devs (and certainly Sony) are looking at a $20 launch price for the anticipated shooter. With that purchase, you get a game (duh) and $20 worth of cash in-game. The entire universe of EVE online will exist within the realm of Dust 514 itself, meaning transactions can take place across game barriers. The Sony exclusive will allow the exchanging of currency between players, so if you’re broke, maybe you can take part in a ponzi scheme in the hopes of striking it rich.

The interview also states it’s possible to never even step into the virtual face of some random space guy. You can spend all of your time building an empire without shooting anything, certainly a way taking the path of least resistance.