Atlus Wants You To Be Ready For King Of Fighters XIII With How-to Videos

Being informed about how a fighting game works can mean the difference between a casual consumer sticking with a great game or dropping it out a rage induced fury. When Street Fighter IV came out, it expected you to do research by yourself but when Blazblue: Calamity Trigger came out, it came packed with great tutorial DVDs. Atlus is doing the same with King of Fighters XIII but is also cutting out the DVD part and going straight to YouTube. Atlus has even made a playlist ready for all of it.

Atlus has just started uploading tutorial videos explaining the basics of their 30 character roster and has thus far burned through three teams, making that nine characters: Team Women Fighters, Team Japan, and Team Fatal Fury. Each short video briefly demonstrates their special and super moves along with their notation so you can start getting yourself acquainted with who you’re going to want to pick for your three-person team.

Personally, I’ve always had a soft spot for Joe Higashi, but they haven’t even uploaded a video of K’ yet. Of course, it’s all moot when you consider that you should always have a spot for Mai Shiranui.

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