Halo Reach Title Update “Fixes” Armor Lock, Makes Sword Battles Null

Sometime next month, you will no longer become a victim to plasma grenade deflection kills thanks to the armor lock ability. Thanks a title update due in September, Halo Reach will see the armor lock ability nerfed… it’s about time. Plasma sticks will now stick, and damage can still lightly be dealt even when in the glowing confines of the lock. It’s a change the community has been clamoring for from the beginning, except those who abused it. Another ability on the end of the cutting board is active camo, whose “time” has literally come, shortened despite already being one of the least used and weakest of the abilities.

Other changes come to the sword brawling, 343 eliminating the sword blocking, which doesn’t quite have the same necessity behind it. Even on the worst day, a sword swinger will almost certainly come out ahead in the one-on-one, the second lunge always faster than a second melee. Taking away the ability to block removes any change of directly defending against speedy lunges, short of having a sword in hand as well.

Finally, the reticule bloom, a means of forcing players to pace their shots with the DMR and such, will be done away with if you choose in certain playlists. The magnum will also receive a strength boost in classic playlists for those seeking a more Halo: Combat Evolved experience. Come next month, Halo will need all of the help it can get with a shooter-laden holiday season. Maybe this is a concentrated effort to bring players back in while addressing their concerns.