Blade & Soul – New Video Reveals Assassin Skills and Combos

Two Assassins posing on the official Blade & Soul website (NCsoft)

With Blade & Soul‘s second closed beta testing phase drawing ever-so close, NCsoft has released a video of the Assassin class in action; Assassin’s are the new playable class available in the updated build. This video gives players a taste of what to expect from these elusive and powerful warriors.

As one can see below, the Assassin’s strength lies in their ability to ambush and surprise a target. Quick and powerful blows, teleportation, traps, invisibility, vicious grabs/throws and plenty of sneaking sums-up what the class is all about. Players hoping to unleash their inner ninja should definitely keep their eyes fixed on the Assassin.

Curiously, the official Blade & Soul website (Korean) suggests that the Assassin class is exclusive to the Jin race, much like the Destroyer class is exclusive to the muscular Gon. Based on what has been revealed in trailers since as far back as 2008, it is entirely possible that each race (the Jin, the robust Gon, the fox-like Lyn and the graceful Kun) each have a class unique to their race. The Lyn were seen summoning a demon in the G-Star 2009 trailer, and the Kun possessed a unique flower-field summoning ability (healing, perhaps?) in the 2008 trailer. This is all speculative, of course, and we will have to wait until NCsoft reveals further class details in the future.

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