Uber Pulls a Capcom And Announces Super Monday Night Combat

Just in time for PAX, Uber Entertainment is revealing Super Monday Night Combat, a game they’re not quite calling a sequel yet brings several updates to the game, kind of like a certain other franchise Capcom is very proud of. However, SMNC will be using the free-to-play pay model.

SMNC will bring three brand new characters: the Combatgirl, the Gunslinger, and my personal favorite, the Veteran, who will specialize in grappling. It will also sport new (livelier) maps, new turret mechanics, a new leveling system that will have an impact on gameplay, as well as the previous 6 classes (Assault, Assassin, Gunner, Tank, Sniper, and Support) returning with rebalanced skills and abilities.

In 2010, Uber Entertainment released the well received Monday Night Combat during last year’s Xbox Summer of Arcade promotion. Since then, the console version received an update (Spunky Cola Free DLC) while Uber brought the game over to Steam as well.

Both versions were commercial successes, but Uber told Kotaku that the creation of SMNC was because Uber wants to take their business in a direction where they can constantly update their game and be in control of it. The Steam version of MNC has helped the Uber team realize this, but Microsoft’s stringent rules and services presented an unwelcome barrier for the console version.

I’m a big fan of MNC, and my favoritism for it has even gotten me in trouble before. The lack of concrete console plans is a downer but making this new game free-to-play certainly seems like an exciting decision.

Super Monday Night Combat can be expected sometime this winter.

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