Majority of European Live Subscriptions Purchased via Retail Channels

People like Xbox Live, but not enough to offer up their credit card information to renew a subscription apparently. Xbox Live marketing manager Robin Burrows, speaking with MVC, stated the stat is helping Microsoft strengthen the retail side of digital. For instance, there are no plans to offer a game digitally the same day as it is released via retail. Microsoft, unlike Sony with their upcoming Vita handheld, still sees the viability of the retail model.

What they will continue to do is bundle a Live Arcade game with a boxed retail title as a bonus, i.e., Gunstringer shipping with a code for Fruit Ninja.

That’s not addressing the core problem though, which is most people like to pay LESS for their Live subscription, retailers offering sometimes grand discounts on the fees, whereas promos through Microsoft require cancellation. If you forget, you’re dinged for the full price next cycle.

IPad users’ personal data leaked, says ATT

The Irish Times June 11, 2010 US TELECOMS firm ATT has confirmed some users of Apple’s iPad have had personal information exposed via a network security flaw, two months after the tablet computer was launched and smashed sales expectations.

The company apologised and said it would inform any customers who had been affected by the security breach. ATT said it learned of the problem on Monday and had since corrected the flaw. here att uverse coupon code

Apple did not respond to a request for comment.

The iPad, launched in April, has already sold more than two million units worldwide. Hype surrounding the device, which alongside the iPhone will form a pivotal part of the company’s international growth strategy, helped to propel Apple past Microsoft in May to become the world’s most valuable technology stock. go to website att uverse coupon code

However, other major technology firms, such as Dell and HP, are scrambling to get rival offerings onto the fledgling market, so the security breach could be an embarrassment for Apple’s two-month-old device.

ATT is now the sole wireless carrier for the iPad and the iPhone in the United States.

However it continues to draw harsh criticism from iPhone users over the quality of its network, and the security breach may add fuel to that fire.

Analysts speculate that ATT arch-rival Verizon Wireless may eventually also win the right to carry Apple’s iPhone, perhaps as early as 2011.

The company said it will continue to investigate the matter.

ATT said the group who discovered the flaw did not inform the company, which was alerted to the problem by an unidentified business customer. – (Reuters)