Minecraft’s Adventure Update Is Almost Here

It’s been a while since I’ve actually sat down and played Minecraft. Zombies may be screwing around in my precious mine shafts for all I know, riding my carefully constructed minecarts! But the folks over at Hat Films have once again put together a trailer for Notch to tease the ambitious Adventure Update for Minecraft 1.8.

Notch has given a tentative September 8th release date for 1.8, which will carry a many intended features of the Adventure Update. But several features, like NPCs, have been pushed back to be apart of Minecraft 1.9, which will probably release sometime before MineCon.

The trailer shows a lot of promised features in action like sprinting, the new eating mechanic, charging your bows, and of course, the creepy Enderman. A full list of expected changes can be found here.

Ocean biomes are on the list of changes. Maybe Notch will finally give us expanded ocean exploration tools? Maybe scuba gear or a rebreather? Everyone knows building underwater structures is awesome!

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