Second 3DS Circle Pad Semi-Official, Made as Attachment

You know what the 3DS needed? A second analog stick. You know what the 3DS is getting? A second analog stick.

It’s a mystery why any hardware creator would design something without such basic functionality here in 2011, but Nintendo did. In order to further monetize the Monster Hunter franchise on said hardware, Capcom is issuing a rather bulky, ugly attachment for the current design of the system.

The unit, exposed in an exclusive within Famitsu, will not only include a second circle pad, but three additional triggers/shoulder buttons. Keep in mind that as of now, this is a Capcom project, not a Nintendo device. Down the line, anything can happen, but as of now, this isn’t some grand plan to include original owners post-redesign.

Nintendo still hasn’t responded regarding the leak, so it remains semi-official as of now, but April is long past, and those picture and business models seem to make sense.