Activision Gains Control of Domain

Remember the legal spat over Someone was quick enough to establish the domain, turn it into a Battlefield 3 fansite, and made Activision’s legal teams unhappy. The National Arbitration Forum has given the victory to Activision based on three criteria:

1. The name is confusing – Sort of. It’s a straightforward name, although the content and the title don’t mix.

2. The holder has no real interest in the domain name – Obviously. With Monty Python parodies jibbing the Call of Duty series, whoever it was could not have cared less about what they has.

3. The name is being used in bad faith – Well, obviously. It flat out called Call of Duty fans morons and suggested they play something else.

Floridian Anthony Abraham claimed the site fell under fair use and the terms “modern” and “warfare” were generic. That might have passed were it not for the content contained within.

TAKE THE LONG WAY ROUTES: Officials urge using freeways, not side streets, to get past 405 Freeway closure

Daily News (Los Angeles, CA) July 13, 2011 If transit officials have any advice for motorists over the “Carmageddon” weekend it is this: Go long!

Southern California motorists, who prize clever shortcuts over side streets and along canyon roads, should temporarily downshift to staid freeway travel from Friday night through Monday morning.

Officials say motorists may have to travel longer distances, but in the end will reach their destination sooner. This will be especially true for San Fernando Valley drivers trying to get over the hill and others trying to get into the Valley from the Los Angeles basin. go to site 405 freeway closure

“It’s a longer distance, but it’ll be a lot shorter in time travel than getting off the freeway and getting on those side streets,” said Chris Rider, spokesman for the Los Angeles Department of Transportation. “It’s going to be far less frustrating for people than when they’re in traffic that doesn’t move.” With the San Diego (405) Freeway to be closed for 53 hours between the Ventura (101) and Santa Monica (10) freeways, those trying to get to the Harbor Area or LAX will find their traditional route blocked.

They are being urged instead to take the 101 to the Harbor (110) or 10 Freeway, or the Ronald Reagan (118) Freeway to the Golden State (5) Freeway to the Long Beach (710) Freeway.

Those trying to get to the Westside can take the 101 or Foothill (210) Freeway to the 10 Freeway.

For example, someone trying to get from Sherman Oaks to Westwood – normally a 17-minute trip, sans traffic – is advised to detour around the mess by taking the 101 south through the Cahuenga Pass, transitioning to the 110 south, then the 10 west.

The detour could double the traveling time, but it should still be quicker than being stuck on crowded side streets, officials said.

For motorists trying to get out of the West Valley, Metro officials suggest taking Topanga Canyon Boulevard to Pacific Coast Highway.

But the DOT has shied away from advising people to use canyon roads – such as Topanga Canyon, Las Virgenes, Decker Canyon and Kanan roads – to avoid creating traffic jams in residential neighborhoods.

However, in preparation for the crush expected on PCH, Caltrans has removed K-rails from the southbound stretch between Temescal Canyon Road and Chautauqua Boulevard to open up that side of the road to two lanes. The K-rails were in place for a runoff diversion project.

PCH will be opened up to three lanes until Tuesday morning.

Other winding and narrow north-to-south connectors such as Beverly Glen Boulevard, Benedict Canyon Drive, Coldwater Canyon Drive, Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Cahuenga Boulevard also could be jammed.

Some Valley residents say they’ll be heading in the opposite direction to avoid the chaos. “I’m going to go north, since the south will be closed. I’ll use the 101 north and probably go to Ventura County or Ojai,” said Marcy Cohen, 59, of Reseda. “I usually go south toward Santa Monica or Manhattan Beach, but this weekend I’m going to go north because I don’t want to hassle with traffic.” Motorists who must brave the streets during the weekend are encouraged to dial 511 to check traffic conditions.

“I usually use Sepulveda if there’s a lot of traffic, but this weekend I’m going to avoid traffic by staying at home,” said Mona Kaddoura, 21, of Northridge.

The 405 closure between the 10 and 101 freeways is expected to begin gradually from about 7 p.m. Friday as workers begin demolishing the Mulholland Drive Bridge overpass to widen the carpool lane. The freeway is expected to be reopened by 6 a.m. Monday, with contractors facing stiff financial penalties for missing that deadline. this web site 405 freeway closure 818-713-3738 PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK The following surface streets will be limited to through traffic and parking will be prohibited during Carmageddon, with parked vehicles being cited and impounded beginning at 12:01 a.m. Saturday:

South side of Ventura Boulevard between Balboa Boulevard and Sherman Oaks Avenue.

North side of Ventura Boulevard between Noble Avenue and Sepulveda Boulevard.

Both sides of Sepulveda Boulevard between Greenleaf Street and Valley Vista Boulevard.

West side of Sepulveda Boulevard between Valley Vista Boulevard and the 405 Freeway.

East side of Sepulveda Boulevard between Moraga Drive and Ovada Place.

Public transit options Public transit agencies are beefing up service this weekend to offer Angelenos an alternative to traveling around the Southland.

Metrolink will add service on the Antelope Valley Line and also will operate the Ventura County Line, which typically doesn’t run on the weekend.

Amtrak will offer half-price fares this weekend to passengers traveling between Union Station and Bob Hope Airport in Burbank.

Metro will add 61 buses and 32 rail cars during the weekend closure, and also will offer free rides on the Red Line subway and on 26 bus lines.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is offering a host of alternatives, with details available at 405.