Tiger Woods 12 PC Users Getting Refunds

It has not been a good week for EA Sports. First, NCAA 12 experiences a botched patch, and now Tiger 12 on the PC and Mac is a total disaster. So bad in fact, people are getting refunds.

EA is asking $40 for the PC and Mac editions of Tiger 12, the first Tiger retail title on the PC/Mac in four years. Notably, the experience is entirely online, the pro shop requires actual funds, the visuals are pulled from Tiger Woods Online, a plethora of courses are only available as DLC, and online is merely Tiger Woods Online. It has no separate online gameplay, and after three months, Tiger Online requires a subscription fee.

With rampant complaints, deleted messages on EA forums that were overly critical, abysmal Amazon ratings, and now mainstream gaming press coverage, EA seems to be relenting. People who have spoken to EA Support have been reportedly getting refunds, and with the glaring complaints and misguided marketing, it only seems fair.