Trenched Rebranded Iron Brigade Worldwide, Update Incoming

Averting legal shenanigans in Europe, Double Fine has decided to make the name change to Trenched worldwide. Soon, the name will be Iron Brigade, appropriate if not as straightforward or as memorable. The name alteration is happening worldwide to preserve online play according to Double Fine’s Greg Rice and Brad Muir.

In bigger news for players, the name chance will include additional content, and at no charge. What a radical concept, no? A new survival mode will add a spark to multiplayer co-op, as will new costumes and on-deck gestures, the latter one of those small, clever additions that added a ton of life to the game.

Along with the freebies, the dual team announced they’ll also be working on some DLC, although failed to go into specifics. Hopefully that included new weaponry, campaign levels, and other trench… err, iron brigade parts. Seriously, take my money Double Fine.