Week in Arcade: Radiant Silvergun, Renegade Ops, Red Bull (Updated)

A three-fer this week after an onslaught of titles the previous two.

Radiant Silvergun

One of the more legendary SHUMPs never released in the States, Treasure-developed Silvergun remains a masterpiece of action variations, booming music, masterful weapon variety, and intrinsically interesting scoring system. With physical import Sega Saturn copies commanding a $150 premium, this $15 digital version, complete with upgraded visuals, is a smart buy for the financially conscientious shopper. Plus, it’s in the US for the first time, no pesky need to find the means to play a Japanese version. There’s a reason people have been excited for this, and the port does not disappoint.

Renegade Ops

Sega enters an overcrowded dual analog shooter with an astoundingly beautiful, destructive dual analog shooter. One could imagine the Konami classic Jackal brought back to life in this fashion, players beginning a rescue mission in a jeep that resonates with fans of that classic. Energetic and aggressive, the pounding score drives (pun intended) this heavy ground and aerial combat experience loaded with physics and fancy explosions. Co-op is available letting the large maps breathe freely, and versus play contains the action a little better.  A mega-sized file (2GB) may be a detractor for some, but this is a scaled experience worthy of a download.

Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour

(Note: Now available as a demo)

Taking a swing at the Trials HD gameplay that was proven to be so addictive, it’s a wonder why this is $10 and not simply sponsored by Red Bull. Still a fun game though, focused¬† more on tricks than simply navigating. Tricks come off with a variety of trigger and face button presses, combos earning more points, more points earning more trophies. It’s not too complex and over the course of the entire game may lose some of its luster, but there’s a pick-up-and-play mentality at work that may hold it together.