Daytona USA Rumored for XBLA and/or PSN

“Rumor” is a loose term, especially when a ratings certification is out there. No company will pay money to have something rated unless they had, you know, the game. As such, Sega is planning on doing something with the Daytona USA franchise, as the Australian ratings board offered the first clue (credit to XBLA Fans for finding it).

Sega recently ported Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi to XBLA, and Sega Rally has been given some download love too. Daytona was last seen on the Dreamcast, a spiffy version of the classic arcade racer, and before that, on the Saturn in multiple versions. A NetLink version on the Saturn commands a hefty premium, both for being such a great game and because so few were sold at retail.

Whether it’s a remade port of the original or a straight rip of the Dreamcast version, it remains a pick-up-and-play racer worth playing to this day.