Netflix… err, Qwikster Begins Game Rentals

Netflix rents a lot of stuff, even digitally, but they’ve never entered the game rental market. GameFly dominates that realm. But, after splitting their DVD and Blu-ray service from streaming, going so far as to re-brand it Qwikster, they’re gunning for by-mail game rentals.

Qwikster will launch as a Netflix company, but a totally separate entity. That means you’ll need a different que to manage each. An annoyance, but with the core, one DVD/Blu-ray/game pricing structure, they’re a significant drop in price over GameFly. A standard one-out GameFly plan is $16.99 per month; Netflix is is $7.99 for the same, and you can mix in movies.

The catch? Portables are not included on the Qwikster roster. Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii users can add their favorites, but those with the DS, 3DS or PSP are out of luck. Oddly, the 3DS can stream Netflix, so irony? You’ll be able to sign up soon as the Qwikster main site remains a placeholder at this time.