Week in Arcade: Burnout Crash, Rotastic

Dueling titles this week, and both for only $20.

Burnout Crash

Yes, having the words “Burnout” and “Crash” in the title may create an immediate sense of joy, but Crash has a ways to go before it’s actually fun. Played from an overhead view, there’s no racing here, just cataclysmic destruction. Intersections are made to blow stuff up in, but unlike the other Burnout titles, there’s little pressure or skill in causing pile-ups. The explosive meter simply fills without any requirements. While taking out houses adds some fun as do some other disasters (tornados!), it’s hard to see a party forming around this one.


Fun idea, as you progress through levels grabbing jewels while swinging from pre-determined points. Dangers will slowly be introduced, include saw blades, making the trek for riches perilous. However, the pleasing demeanor is botched by some ridiculous, out of place bloody violence and irritating, repetitious voice work. Versus play has multiple player vying for jewel snatching supremacy, while solo outings are born from replay value and one-upping the high school. However, the appeal is probably limited, the cartoonish nature (which looks an awful lot like Raskulls) doesn’t translate to an affair for the younger set.