Battlefield 3 DLC Will Come To Playstation 3 First

For a long time, Activision and Call of Duty have sided with the Xbox 360 in terms of brand favoritism in the form of timed exclusive content. With Battlefield being Call of Duty‘s eternal rival, it only makes sense that EA and Battlefield take to the other heavyweight in the circuit to challenge Activision and CoD again. No, they’re not aligning with the Nintendo Wii. They’re picking the Playstation 3!

EA is planning all Battlefield 3 DLC to arrive on the PS3 a week before other platforms, with the first pack entitled, “Back To Samarkand.” DICE junior product manager Tommy Riddling specified this for full-blown content, so it makes sense that things like title updates and patches will go live on all platforms simultaneous or at least close to that.

So pick your sides this fall fans! Modern Warfare 3 on the Xbox 360 or Battlefield 3 on the PS3! What’s that? You’re a PC gamer? Tough cookies! It sounds like all content will be arriving later on the PC regardless of which game you pick! Guess that’ll take those PC elitists down a peg.

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