Aion Is Celebrating Its Second Anniversary

Aion is now two years old! NCsoft is naturally going to celebrate with Aion‘s Ascension Festival, taking place from September 22 to October 2 with daily in-game contests and events as well as more contests taking place on the main site and forums.

But wait, that’s not all! While veteran players who stuck it out will no doubt enjoy the festivities, even players who left the game have a reason to come back and join in with Aion also throwing a “Welcome Back” for those who haven’t touched Aion in a while.

From September 21 to October 5, returning players will be rewarded with double XP and double loot rates! Of course, in my experience with loot rates, doubling 2% to 4% doesn’t mean much but hey, it’s the thought that counts. There will also be a boatload of specific events catering to the Welcome Back event including which include activities from special buffs during combat in certain areas to simple scavenger hunts where players can redeem items for prizes like costumes.

Lastly, NCsoft has announced the date when Aion‘s 2.7 update will go live for North America and Europe. The Player Test Server will get it on October 13 while the Live Server will get it on October 17 and the update will focus on things like PVP combat and a new massive boss battle in Padmarashka’s Cave.

So bottom line: there’s a party happening on Aion and everyone’s invited!

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