LEGO Universe’s Ninjago Expansion Goes Live

Swingin' magic nunchucks in the new Ninjago world. (LEGO Universe)

LEGO Universe, the MMOG based on the ever-popular LEGO toys, has introduced its largest content expansion to date. Based on the Ninjago toy line (and the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjutzu animated film), the Ninjago expansion introduces over a hundred new missions, several new weapons and enemies, and a tremendous amount of new gear, bricks and items for players to collect.

LEGO Universe has had a steady stream of updates and patches since it went live last October. The Ninjago expansion is the first major update to the game since its release, which introduces not only the Ninjago-themed world, characters and gear, but also over a hundred new missions, and increases the level-cap to 45.

The world of Ninjago is composed of a massive Monastery, and the battlefield surrounding it. The Monastery is under siege by an army of evil skeletons, who have surrounded the front of the structure and are launching an all-out attack. While the battlefield is riddled with goodies to find and secrets to discover, the heart of the expansion lies in the four elemental gardens within the Monastery, which are full of brain-teasing puzzles, all new enemies, and tons of new gear and accessories. The Ninjago expansion also introduces an all-new instanced dungeon, where up to four players can journey through the Fire Shrine to protect the Sword of Fire and take down the boss Frakjaw.

Premium (paying) LEGO Universe players can access the world of Ninjago immediately. While LEGO Universe offers a free to play zone and allows unlimited playtime, only paid membership grants access to everything the game has to offer, including the new world of Ninjago. Paid membership includes: access to all worlds, four customizable heroes (as opposed to only one available through free play), a much greater variety of building bricks and items, additional building properties and pets, among other things.

Whether you are interested in building some amazing LEGO properties, want to explore the new world of Ninjago or just have fun with LEGOs, visit the official LEGO Universe website to sign up and play.

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