Because You Asked For It, Dota 2 Will Come Out Earlier

The mysterious release date for Defense of the Ancients 2 has so far simply been a TBA 2012. Many fans have been waiting with bated breath for when that may be, but it may actually be sooner rather than later.

The original plan, as IceFrog writes, was to keep the game in beta for about a year or so and add features and heroes until they felt they’d reach the same level of quality as Dota 1.

“But the feedback we’re seeing everywhere is that people just want to play it, even though there’s still a ton of heroes yet to be implemented.” IceFrog wrote. “Welcome to the new plan: We’re going to take the current version of Dota 2, which has The International set of heroes, and get it out there as fast as we can.”

Leaks from beta testers was also a factor in changing the plans to fit around the current circumstances. Also be aware that if the game is coming out sooner, you’d best get yourself on that sweet list for the beta to get in on the action even sooner than originally planned.

I personally think this is a smart move. I’m not saying Team Fortress 2 was incomplete when it released, but it sounds like it’ll take a very TF2 approach to releasing exciting new gameplay features over time when Dota 2 does come out.

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