Blade & Soul Dragon’s Forest and Great Desert Zone Previews

Great Desert zone (Blade & Soul)

With Blade & Soul‘s second closed beta test now over, players who participated in the testing phase have uploaded a great variety of videos of the game in-action. Many of these videos showcase the newly revealed assassin class, while others focus on high-level Blade Master or Kung-Fu Master gameplay. The Blade & Soul fansite Blade & Soul Dojo has recently compiled two lengthy preview videos of the first and second zones within the game world: the Dragon’s Forest, and the Great Desert.

The generally lush and vibrant Dragon’s Forest is the starting zone in Blade & Soul, with content aimed at players between level 1-20. The video tour highlights the awe and beauty of each area within the zone: towering carved mountains and incredible cascading waterfalls, thick bamboo forests and pristine coastline, mysterious shady forest undergrowth, brilliant springs, amazing canyons and floating islands are just a few of the brilliant landforms players will traverse during the early-game content.

The more arid yet equally impressive Great Desert zone presents players with a higher-level (20-37, the current level cap) content. Despite it’s name, the Great Desert has its fair share of rich and vibrant environments, but with a more autumnal tone: reds and oranges blend together with greens and blues to paint some amazing landscapes. Massive sand dunes littered with ruined stone structures, dusty desert villages and arid canyon plateaus are some of the many environments players will encounter as they explore the zone.

To top it off, the Blade & Soul Dojo has included several of the game’s orchestrated tracks with each video, for some smooth and easy listening during the tours.

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