Crimson Alliance Getting Boosted via DLC

With an odd pricing structure, Crimson Alliance confused some out of the game, both a $10 and $15 version enough to turn people off, and that’s a shame. The spiffy action RPG may not have the depth of a Torchlight, but it dug out its own unique sector of the current hack ‘n slash market.

Now, it’s being expanded, the 240 MS Point ($3) Vengeance Pack adding in a mini-campaign with four levels and a betting challenge map called Fistful of Coins. Players here are tasked with surviving waves, nothing special in and of itself, but all loot can taken after a wave, or you can run the risk of losing it all in exchange for better loot in the next.

The new maps are designed around co-op with a “fiendish difficulty” according to Certain Affinity president Max Hoberman. Tim Fields, director of business development, stated “We built Crimson Alliance to be expandable.” In other words, they built it for DLC and more cash. Apparently, the availability of DLC gold in-game isn’t enough?

Smaller developers or not, those type of quotes are always irksome.