Tabula Rasa resurrected in Infinite Rasa

An image of Infinite Rasa, the emulated version of Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa, the Sci-Fi MMORPG designed by Richard Garriott and developers behind Ultima Online and published by NCsoft, terminated its services in early 2009. That hasn’t stopped dedicated fans from attempting to emulate the game on private servers. Infinite Rasa, while still under heavy development, is one such attempt.

Infinite Rasa is currently undergoing testing within an experimental game server. As the test server webpage explains, the game has not even reached its alpha stage yet: it does not have many of the features one would expect from the full game, and it has quite a few bugs. Nonetheless, players interested in testing the game should visit the Infinite Rasa website to learn more about the project.

The original Tabula Rasa¬†experienced a lengthy development time (nearly seven years), due largely to conflict within the development team and with NCsoft. The project, which began early in 2001, went live near the end of 2007. Following Richard Garriott’s controversial departure from the project near the end of 2008, the development team announced that Tabula Rasa‘s doors would officially close on February 28, 2009.

Among the many interesting features of Tabula Rasa, what was perhaps the most outstanding was the combat system, which combined real-time shooting mechanics with stat-based elements. Movement, positioning, weapon and ammo types, and terrain were all factors that players had to take into account in combat situations.

The following is a video of Infinite Rasa, showcasing an armor set and machine-gun weapon.

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