Bethesda and Mojang's Trademark Dispute Will Go To Court

For what seems like months now, you may have heard that Notch, creator of Minecraft, has been doing the trademark tango with Bethesda in a dispute over his next game, Scrolls. While Notch was hoping the matter could be settled out of court, he has officially received notice from Swedish officials that the case is indeed going to court. Looks like it’s time to to break out that fancy tie!

Bethesda has already put in their evidence (or as Phoenix Wright calls it, ammo) which include comments and pictures of Scrolls in order to compare in court how it could potentially confuse customers between Bethesda’s game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Mojang’s Scrolls.

Notch also talked about the case on a personal level on his tumblr and his lawyers boiled down the basics for him.

“Essentially it all boils down to whether the relevant public are likely to be confused into thinking that our “Scrolls” game is connected with Bethesda or its games, taking all the circumstances into account; and apparently the “moron in a hurry” doesn’t count.”

So Notch is serious about not just winning this for Mojang but also for little guys everywhere. Meanwhile, Bethesda actually has an obligation to actively defend their trademarks really. To put it simply, if they let it happen once, no matter how insignificant, it’ll create a precedent that will weaken their case in future, more relevant disputes. The Elder Scrolls and Scrolls may seems radically different, but the legal position is that if Bethesda simply let this slip by without action, if someone makes a free-roaming, action RPG called The Old Scrolls, Bethesda’s case against them would be weaker if they decided to let Scrolls go by without doing anything.

You know, just food for thought on this case.

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Great white sharks migrating down coast NATURE: Route takes them through Santa Monica Bay to Baja California, studies show.

Daily News (Los Angeles, CA) August 9, 2010 For years, a running joke among swimmers and surfers frequenting Los Angeles County beaches has been that they had more to fear from a mild sunburn or parking ticket than a possible encounter with a hungry shark. website great white sharks

But no one is laughing in New England, where a recent string of great white shark sightings have prompted beach closures.

Or in San Diego, where a swimmer was attacked and killed by a white shark in April 2008.

But in waters off local beaches, white shark sightings are relatively rare. Or are they?

Experts, pointing to relatively new tracking technology, say the massive creatures are migrating down the coast to Baja California, through Santa Monica Bay.

Waters off Los Angeles County beaches are also a congregating place for their offspring.

“There is a known occurrence in the summer of juvenile great white sharks in Santa Monica Bay,” said Steve Blair, an assistant curator with the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific.

Blair said he was unaware of any shark attacks on humans in the area and it’s difficult to pinpoint specific migration tendencies among white sharks – including why they tend to linger off local coastal waters.

“They’re hard to study because they’re so large – you can’t handle them or catch them easily,” Blair said. “And they’re really not that common.” The species has been protected in California waters since 1994, according to the California Department of Fish and Game.

Experts say white sharks, which were added to international endangered species lists in 2004, like to feast on fish and seals, rather than oceangoers as depicted in the 1975 film “Jaws.” Most attacks on humans, they say, stem from curiosity or mistaken identity – sharks mistaking a wet suit-clad surfer for a seal, for example.

Revelations about the white shark’s migration down the Southern California coast have been made possible through the efforts of researchers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium who have been tagging white sharks off Ventura and Los Angeles beaches and monitoring their movement.

Based on tracking data, sharks are swimming through waters from Santa Barbara south to Mexico, said Ken Peterson, a Monterey Bay Aquarium spokesman.

Since the program began in 2002, about 38 juvenile white sharks have been tagged off Southern California coastal beaches. this web site great white sharks

Waters off Will Rogers State Beach and Malibu have historically been known to attract white sharks, Blair said.

“There are certain areas they’re attracted to,” he said. “Any areas that include large populations of seals and sea lions.” Sightings have also been reported near San Onofre State Beach in northern San Diego County, Huntington Beach, the Channel Islands and throughout the Central and Northern California coast, including the Farallon Islands off San Francisco.

Despite the sightings, attacks on humans are rare.

But websites dedicated to forecasting surf are rife with user- submitted notices of alleged shark sightings throughout the Santa Monica Bay.

“They’re frequently incorrect,” Blair said. “Sharks are commonly misidentified.”