Final Fantasy XIV Patch Notes (Patch 1.19) Revealed

Chocobo mounts, scheduled for patch 1.19 on 10/04/2011. Final Fantasy XIV, Square-Enix

Square-Enix has released the patch notes for the massive 1.19 patch for  Final Fantasy XIV, which is expected to go live on Tuesday, October 4th. Service will be interrupted on this date to implement the patch.

Patch 1.19 is absolutely massive. Perhaps the most welcome addition to the game comes in the form of in-game tutorials, which explain the basics of gameplay and control in Final Fantasy XIV – a godsend for new players. In addition to this, the patch also implements

  • new side-quests and Grand Company quests
  • more low, mid and high-level game content, including two battles with Final Fantasy‘s iconic Ifrit
  • the introduction of Airship travel between the Limsa Lominsa, Ul’dah and Gridania regions
  • the introduction of personal and rental Chocobos (another Final Fantasy icon)
  • overhauled experience rewards during battle, which includes link and chain bonuses (similar to Final Fantasy XI)
  • new enemies, including several new notorious monsters
  • an overhaul of the User Interface
  • a reworked crafting system, with existing recipes revised as well as new recipes added
  • a Materia crafting system, which allows players to create stat-enhancing stones that can be attached to gear.

Patch 1.19  includes much, much more. The full list of patch notes is quite extensive, and can be read on the Final Fantasy XIV forums here in its entirety.

The following is a video of the Ifrit boss battle, which players can participate in after Patch 1.19 has been introduced.

Images of some of the upcoming content featured in Patch 1.19: Ifrit, an Ifrit loot weapon (bow) and the new Chocobo mount.


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