Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Dated – March 6th, 2012

UbiSoft’s Ghost Recon reboot has seen a handful of delays and Kinect-implementation redesigns since its announcement way back around 2010, and it looks like the future has finally solidified. You’ll be able to wave your hand to select weapons the same day as Mass Effect 3: March 6th, 2012. Someone apparently didn’t check their calendar.

Regardless, Ubi has waited long enough that memories of the spectacular, patient Ghost Recons around the Xbox 360’s launch are just that: memories. From impressions and trailers, the design is inserting itself into the “modern warfare” genre, although with a slightly different twist with regards to its tech. Maybe it’s hitting right when it should though, some players likely looking for something different to break up the Battlefield/Call of Duty combo. They could be on to something after all.