Uncharted 3 Utilizing PSN Pass, Future First-Party PS3 Games Too

EA’s project $10 has spawned a monster. With Sony, it was Resistance 3 first, and now, Uncharted’s impeccable legacy will forever be tarnished because of online passes.

Sony’s Spanish Software Manager Juan JimĂ©nez confirmed the pass inclusion via an interview with The Vault (note: Spanish language). Despite offering a Subway promotion where players can currently access all of the multiplayer for free, in the retail version, used buyers or renters will be socked with a $10 fee if they choose to play online.

Jimenez claims the issue is with piracy, a weak excuse at best, although pirates leeching off bandwidth is an issue, is it widely scaled enough to necessitate an online pass? Doesn’t Blu-ray hamper those efforts enough? If pirated software is available, why is Sony not banning those users immediately? Why is the legit consumer the one who pays the price?

Reasons aside, passes are here to stay, and if you’re sick of them, vote with your wallet.

Barnes and Noble: Federal Trade Commission Grants Early Termination of Waiting Period under Hart-Scott-Rodino.

Entertainment Close-up October 1, 2011 Barnes and Noble, a bookseller, announced that the Federal Trade Commission has granted early termination of the waiting period under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act. go to website barnes and noble coupon code

In a release dated Sept. 20, the Company said Barnes and Noble announced on Aug. 18 that Liberty Media invested an aggregate of $204 million in the Company through the purchase of newly issued convertible preferred stock. Under the terms of the strategic investment, Liberty purchased preferred stock, convertible into approximately 12 million shares or 16.6 percent (after giving effect to the issuance) of the Company’s common stock at a price of $17 per share, and with a dividend rate of 7.75 percent per annum to be paid quarterly. go to web site barnes and noble coupon code

Under the terms of the investment, Liberty has elected two nominees to Barnes and Noble’s board of directors. Barnes and Noble will expand its board to eleven members to include Gregory Maffei, Liberty Media’s President and CEO and Mark Carleton, Senior Vice President of Liberty.

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