Did You Hear About the Bloody Roar 5 Tease? Cause It’s Fake

Over the weekend, fighting game fans and video game hipsters thought they were going to celebrate the return of a once obscure fighting game series, Bloody Roar, a fighting game whose hook was that its stable of fighters could also morph into anthropomorphic animals. It would be the fifth game in the series.

Then today, it was revealed to be an elaborate hoax.

It all started when a twitter account, believed to be Hudson Soft’s official twitter, tweeted on September 30 that a new Blood Roar game was in production and was planned to come out in 2012. An outpouring of appreciation from fans followed the entire weekend and it looked like another contender was going to pop up to compete against Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat.

But the account put an end to the ruse when it tweeted the classic troll face image as a teaser picture of Bloody Roar 5. Whoever owns the account reasoned that Bloody Roar wouldn’t stand a chance against Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, or Soul Calibur. It did, however, also believe that all the fan response to a possible Bloody Roar sequel would help convince Konami to one day pursue an actual Bloody Roar sequel.

At least Mortal Kombat was once known as “that violent game.” When was the last time anyone remembered Bloody Roar fondly besides a strangely sexual rabbit woman?

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