Sealed Stadium Events Up on eBay

Stadium Events is one of those vintage carts that garners national attention when it goes on sale.  Loose copies can bring upwards of $13,000, a  brand new, sealed copy hauling in a simply stunning $41,000 early in 2010. Whether or not the buyer paid is something else all together.

Stadium Events is one of the rarest of all NTSC-based cartridges. After Nintendo bought the rights to Bandai’s Fitness Pad (re-branding it the Power Pad), they also gained the rights to Stadium Events, renaming it World Class Track Meet. Few copies ever saw release, hence the rarity of the cart in question.

The seller has his copy of Stadium Events sealed and graded, the first time it’s happened. The asking price is $50,000 with the option to make an offer. Chances are, anyone who can pay the $40k for a game cart could certainly pay $50k.

The impossibly lucky seller claims he found the game at a yard sale of all places. Now is the point where all collectors ask themselves why they’re not as lucky.