Mass Effect 3 Offering Multiplayer Co-op Play

The rumors of multiplayer being pushed into the Mass Effect series for its trilogy-ender are finally being put to rest. It will have some gameplay for multiple users, and as it turns out, it will have a form of co-op.

After a few weeks worth of rumblings, Autralia’s Power Play magazine seemed to have busted the rumor in its entirety. The cover specifically states you can, “Fight alongside your friends.” That’s referring to as-of-yet unspecified means of co-op… until one tweet let more out.

Executive producer of the series, Casey Hudson, confirmed the in-game happenings via a tweet, reassuring players that they’re “spectacular” and “nothing of what you feared.” All of this seems to insinuate that these will occur outside the story mode, meaning these could turn out to be something like Call of Duty’s Spec Ops, loading potential for universe expansion (and DLC).

In other news, MultiplayerGames can officially cover the series for the first time.


Pizza Hut Introduces $10 Any Pizza Deal.

Entertainment Close-up January 13, 2012 Pizza Hut announced it is ringing in the New Year by bringing back the $10 Any pizza deal.

To celebrate in style, Pizza Hut reported that it has launched a new TV ad that sings the praises of the deal, reminding consumers that they can get any size, any crust and any toppings for $10.

“The $10 Any deal is such an unbelievable value on the best tasting pizzas around, that it has our customers singing,” said Kurt Kane, Pizza Hut CMO. “So, we’re taking it a step further and asking our fans to ‘top this’ by sending us their own renditions of the song for the chance to be in our next ad.” According to a release, as $10 Any Song-mania sweeps the nation, Pizza Hut is urging consumers to upload their own rendition of the song to the Pizza Hut Facebook page ( by Jan. 15, 2012 to be entered into the Pizza Hut Top This! Contest. After “liking” the Pizza Hut Facebook page, users can view the contest Official Rules for how to record and submit their videos. this web site pizzahut coupon codes pizzahut coupon codes

Pizza Hut will select six Top This! grand prize winners whose $10 Any Song videos may be featured in a national TV spot. The six grand prize winners will also receive free Pizza Hut pizza for a year (gift cards valued at $599). The first 1,000 entrants who are determined to have eligible $10 Any Song videos will receive one free Pizza Hut pizza (gift card valued at $10).

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