Week in Arcade: Real Steel, Guardian Heroes

Two brawling-like titles this week, each commanding $10 from your virtual wallet.

Real Steel

After the last unmitigated movie licensed effort on XBLA (Battle LA), going into this with apprehension is acceptable, but this is developed by Yukes. You can tell because it’s awesome. Yukes effectively cloned the early Fight Night engine, the blocking and swaying so familiar to that sweet science simulator. Adding in some robot inspired mayhem, including some brutal heavy blows (assuming robots feel pain) gives the game its own identity. There are a number of stock robots to consider, and you can craft your own from parts. Great game.

Guardian Heroes

A Treasure developed Saturn classic, Guardian Heroes is a glitzy, crowded beat-em-up with oversized weaponry and epic sprite work. While the supposed “remix” visuals simply slap a garish filter over the the original work, backgrounds are far more precise and clean than they ever were on the Saturn. This one is made for two-twelve brawlers, infused with some mild RPG elements to create that polished spark that is a hallmark of Treasure. It’s what the Live Arcade was meant for.