Battlefield 3 Using Online Pass, No One Shocked

EA’s Project $10 will continue with Battlefield 3, requiring used game buyers (and renters) to fork over $10 for online play. A Twitter response from¬†gameplay designer Alan Kertz to a gamer who asked why resulted in this response:

“Because servers cost money, and used games don’t make developers any money.”

Never mind that servers are not clogged by used game buyers (there’s still only one player with that copy) and that used games do, in fact, make money thanks to the current prevalence of DLC. You could also say that since Battlefield 3 is sure to sell 30 million copies (and probably significantly more), EA will be paid from initial purchases ten fold.

Thankfully, unlike the ghastly idiocy of Warner Bros. Interactive and Batman: Arkham City, no single player content seems affected by this decision. It’s multiplayer only.