Build a Palace in Minecraft for the Daily Show and Get Famous

With Minecraft now expanding into Minecraft: Pocket Edition, the lovable little indie game that could will probably continue reaching new, undiscovered audiences. It’s definitely reached The Daily Show’s Kristen Schaal, and she wants to see how far you can stretch your Minecraft-engineering prowess.

Together with Sony Ericcson and their Xperia PLAY, Schaal wants Minecraft builders, neigh, challenges them, to build something amazing for her. And it looks like anything is fair game. As long as it’s a fantastic structure devoted to Kristen Schaal and you can submit a video of your structure with yourself explaining why it’s so awesome, you’re set.

The contest has already started since October 7 will go on until November 7. Not only that, but a representative from Mojang will be judging the submissions too! And the winning Minecrafter will get a trip to New York City where he can personally present his creation to Kristen Schaal.

Of course, the contest has a Facebook page with all the information. Keep in mind that she probably likes jacuzzis, so I bet you’ll get bonus points for that.

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