Uncharted 3 Multiplayer “Not Possible” Without Online Pass

Speaking with SixthAxis, Uncharted 3 director Justin Richmond stated that without the inclusion of an online pass, Uncharted 3 would have to be split into separate games: multiplayer and single player. Note that Uncharted 2 sold nearly 5 million copies according to the last NPD report.

“”We’re giving out a huge amount of content,” he said, and by “giving out,” he means charging $60. “We have to pay for servers and all this different stuff to maintain it, and so at some point, you know, games have to make money.” And of course, if selling 5 million copies at $60 each (plus DLC!) isn’t enough to make money, you’re doing it wrong. Why should it be taken out on the consumer?

No doubt Uncharted 3 cost mega-millions to create, but there comes a point where budgets come into play. If you’re spending too much and not turning enough of a profit, then you’re failing as a business. That’s not the fault of the player who will now be inconvenienced by this nonsensical approach.