Saints Row: The Third’s Initiation Station Beta is Live

If you bought the Saints Row: Double Pack or pre-ordered Red Faction: Armageddon, you should know that Violition has sent out codes to try Saints Row: The Third‘s new online character creation web page, the initiation station. Now you can make your own crazy looking gang banger from the comfort of your computer before the game even releases!

And once the game does release, you’re free to download your monstrosity straight to your game or anyone elses’ creations. Which all sounds nice because previous community sharing of custom characters usually involved long passwords or worse, step-by-step walkthroughs.

Didn’t get Saints Row: Double Pack or Red Faction: Armageddon? The initiation station will go public on November 1, so anyone will be able to make what will probably beĀ  buck naked gangsters by then before Saints Row: The Third releases on November 15.

You can also explore community creations from the initiation station and vote on your favorites. Just be sure to actually vote with creativity in mind and not, you know, just the naked ones.

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