Battlefield 3 Servers Sputter Under Crunch of Launch Users

Following the @Battlefield Twitter account at this point is more or less necessary to keep up with the server status for Battlefield 3. Across all three platforms, EA’s dedicated servers are in a constant flux, ranging from connection problems to clunky matchmaking or total downtime. Glad to see the supposed $10-$15 million hauled in from online passes being put to good use, huh?

This isn’t the first major Battlefield release to feel the pressure, both Bad Company 2 and 1943 nearing death at times before EA and Dice banded together to fend off the server gnomes (hypothetical situation of course).

Problems drop at the worst time for EA, the impending¬† juggernaut that is Call of Duty drawing ever closer, many gamers in an either/or situation for this holiday multiplayer madness. Attempting to draw a portion of the populace away from Activision with a mega-marketing campaign may or may not work (Battlefield 3 has shipped 10 million units; we’ll wait to see how many actually sold). There’s little value in the single player game unlike the spectacle of Modern Warfare, and if the multiplayer is shot, so is much of the audience.

No word yet on when things will settle down.