Rusty Hearts Intros New Playable Character: Natasha

Natasha shoots her way into Rusty Hearts (Perfect World Entertainment)

Perfect World Entertainment has introduced an all new demon-hunter to its gothic monster-slaying action MMOG Rusty Hearts: the gun-slinging huntress Natasha. Utilizing pistols and rifles in her over-the-top fighting style, Natasha is adept at both close-range and long-range combat. Players will have all new abilities, weapons and quests to utilize and enjoy with Natasha, in addition to the new Halloween quests and costumes made available in the recent patch.

A news update on the Rusty Hearts website reveals a few of Natasha’s weapons, which you can read about here.

As you can see from watching the developer diary above, Natasha is an extremely powerful addition to Rusty Hearts. Not only does she possess powerful close-range melee attacks, but her projectile game can be used to great effect from any range; she can even combo the two styles together to form some impressive attack strings, similar in flair to Devil May Cry‘s Dante and the angel-hunting witch Bayonetta.

Visit the official Rusty Hearts website for more details.

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