TERA Embraces Halloween with Festive Teaser Trailer

En Masse gets spooky again this Halloween with TERA

How time flies! TERA‘s North American publisher En Masse Entertainment is once again embracing the macabre spirit of Halloween by releasing an all-new Halloween teaser trailer. Inspired by the classic tales of the Brothers Grimm, the trailer follows the story of a rambunctious girl who sets off into the woods on her own, only to fall victim to a shape-shifting witch. All of this is told through the world of TERA.

Last year’s Halloween trailer had a classic, silent film-feel to it, complete with a grainy filter, film projector sound effect and stylized intertitles. The trailer was also released with a robust gallery of creepy monster screenshots.

This year’s delightfully morbid trailer is presented in a storybook style, with a narrator detailing the events in rhyme. Alongside the trailer are a select few screenshots, which you can view below.

En Masse Entertainment has been fairly quiet regarding new developments with TERA‘s localization. The announcement of the Chronoscroll system at the end of August was the last solid bit of information En Masse released. We were also given a very general Alpha/Beta schedule (later this year, early next year, respectively) around this time. Let’s hope that this new Halloween trailer marks the beginning of good TERA-related things to come.

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