Now You Can Watch TwitchTV as iPhone App

One of my favorite YouTube channels is xcalizors. Like many other popular channels, they’ve been advertising their Twitch.TV channels as well but I haven’t bothered. But now, Twitch.TV has released their iPhone app and it’s free! So I just got a huge incentive to give this live streaming business a shot.

One reason to give Twitch.TV a try, especially now, is that the entire package is just so minimalist in design on an app, as most apps are. While I have trouble deciding where to start and when on the actual webpage, the app simply has a list of all its games, a list of featured channels, the ability to search, and your list of followed channels, if you have an account that is. Just another reason to sign up for an account! Just a heads up though, chat takes up a large portion of the screen, so good luck reading and watching at once.

Some immediate ideas to get you started are zrozilacx, leveluplive, and srklive. Or you could always just browse what’s featured. That could work too you know!

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