Battlefield 3 Problems Close to Repaired; Five Million Copies Sold

Growing concerns revolving around Battlefield 3’s online stability are being capped off as things begin coming under control. Reportedly, 2.2 million players booted the title on the first day alone leading to server strain. Xbox 360 servers, probably the worst hit of the platform trio, are running at 95% according to an unspecified EA spokesperson.

PC players were sidelined because of the anti-cheating software embedded in the title, those problems taken care of in a joint fix between Punkbuster and Dice. EA claims even after a beta and tracked pre-orders (and online pass funds?), there was still a frenzy that they couldn’t anticipate.

To date, EA has shipped 10 million copies across all platforms, and 5 million of those have sold, a huge boon for a title so desperately trying to wrangle an audience away from a competitor.