Would You Pay $1,725 To Play Modern Warfare 3 Early?

In a world of leaks and pirates, many people probably go to great lengths to play their most anticipated games early. But. if we’re talking about pirates, that means that these games may come free while usually being very illicit. Someone however, got their hands on an early copy of Modern Warfare 3 through a very legal channel: eBay. The price he paid to get the game a little less than a week before release: $1,725.

As of this writing, the story is still developing. But IGN reports that the copy is indeed the final retail version of the game, so it’s likely the seller is someone who works at a retail store and decided to break the street date. After 88 nail bitingly exciting bids, the final price came out to be $1,725 plus the price of priority shipping. So considering the weekend, whoever bought the game early really cannot wait. Not to mention that Activision has made it clear that if they spot anyone playing the game online early, the perpetrators will be banned from playing the game online legitimately when November 8th comes.

Have fun with campaign mode then pal! I sincerely hope Captain Price’s mustache is worth it.

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