DICE Coerces Modern Warfare Players to Battlefield 3 with Weekend Contest

With Modern Warfare 3 due to explode onto multiple platforms, DICE is determined to keep audiences on… the battlefield. Sorry, it was obvious.

They’re luring people in with the promise of some grand prizes, including a fully funded trip for three to DICE’s HQ in Stockholm. Second place scores a cool $5,000, while prize #3 includes your choice of gaming consoles or an Alienware PC (Pro tip: take the PC).

Entry requirements? Simply log into Battlefield 3 each day over the weekend (Nov. 11, 12, 13), play a game, and then, well, that’s it actually. In other words, DICE isn’t going to keep you from your Modern Warfare excursion if you’re choosing to dive into both. Continuing to play Battlefield won’t keep netting you additional entries.

If you don’t want to join in the Battlefield action at all, the alternate entry option is via e-mail available in the official rules. Good luck to all.