The Simpsons Arcade Might Be Coming Back, Not in Pog Form

If you’re both a gamer and a fan of The Simpsons, you may have fond memories of feeding The Simpsons arcade game quarters upon quarters to inch ever closer to the game’s end.  X-Men for the arcades has already found it’s way back to the consoles but The Simpsons has been left high and dry, at least, until now.

Like so many titles before, a ratings organization has let hints slip through, this time being the Australian Classification Board. There’s nothing to suggest a release date or even the intended platform but there are two big reasons to suspect The Simpsons coming home: an official rating and a named developer.

Backbone Entertainment, purveyor of digital SEGA ports, is developing it, while Konami is publishing it though they aren’t nearly as free at confirmation as the Australian Classification Board. It stands to reason that the game will be coming to the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade but it’s my personal speculation and hope that the game will have an option for a modern, HD facelift. At least smooth out the aspect ratio like 3rd Strike Online‘s many graphic choices.

Finally, I’ll see the ending with my own two eyes! And now, a reason to post this.