World of Warcraft Turning Seven Next Week

On Wednesday, November 23, World of Warcraft will enter its seventh year online. That’s seven years of leveling, raids, random dancing, farming, and marriages. So I hope you didn’t have plans this Thanksgiving WoW addicts, cause you’re sure to spend more than just Thanksgiving day enjoying WoW instead of say, eating turkey, enjoying the company of family, or setting up Christmas decorations. Of course, no one blames you for wanting to skip out on that last one.

Starting November 20th until December 3rd, a feat of strength will be added to your list of achievements, as well as a Celebration Package item. This package includes fireworks, a tabard for your character, and a 7% bonus to experience and reputation during the celebration period.

With my family being Asian, we don’t particularly do anything on Thanksgiving, so WoW fans in a setting like mine won’t have to worry about missing a whole lot. Now that I think about it, I guess that’s why WoW is just as popular in places like China and Korea than anywhere else.

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Stone Construction Acquires Harden Constructors. builders first source

Energy Weekly News May 20, 2011 Stone Construction LLC, a design-build construction firm focused on mid – large sized commercial construction projects for owner-occupied industrial facilities, has acquired Harden Constructors, Inc. The two companies have merged their full-service project design and construction capabilities to assist owners of office, industrial, manufacturing, warehouse, retail, educational and religious facilities, and developers of such facilities in prime office parks.

“We are thrilled to add the expertise of Harden Constructors to our offerings. They too have specialized in custom, top quality projects and both of our companies share a long history of giving owners and developer’s single-source design and construction services,” said Chris Hotze, President of Stone Construction. “Our focus is design-build projects where we are the single entity working to afford our clients maximum design and cost efficiencies. Harden Constructors mirrored our approach and is well known for its personalized service and a full range of strengths in constructing more than 1.5 million square feet of commercial space.” Stone Construction is one of the few companies to utilize computerized building information model (BIM) technology at the start of each project as the foundation of a pre-construction collaboration with clients, removing the guesswork by identifying problems early rather than at the jobsite. As part of Stone’s Streamlined Structural Process™ (SSP), BIM allows for structural conflicts, aesthetic challenges, and mechanical interaction to be identified and resolved before construction, saving time and money for clients. Stone’s leading engineering, design, LEED-certified and BIM experts are adept at responding to customer requests and are able to evaluate needs and application of each unique situation. builders first source

“For over 20 years Harden Constructors has focused on building a team of specialists with experience in planning, design and construction, and by joining Stone Construction we will further leverage our capabilities,” added Harden Constructors President Garry Harden. “Our specialties like concrete tilt-wall construction works in tandem with Stone Construction’s BIM design capabilities to deliver turnkey projects customized to individual clients.” Both companies have undertaken commercial construction projects for a diverse client base including: Builders First Source, Daniel Industries, Dominican Sisters, Exxon, Fisher Scientific, Guaranty Bank, ITT, Kroger, LD Brinkman, Rice University, Siemens, Supa Doors, Inc., The U.S. Department of Energy, Triten Corporation, and W.R. Grace.

When combined with the 35-plus years of construction industry experience represented by Garry Harden and the Harden Constructors team, Stone Construction’s unique core competencies provide exceptional value in the Houston owner-occupied commercial and industrial construction market.