Rift Celebrating Christmas Event As Fae Yule

Beginning this week and lasting for six weeks, fantasy MMO Rift will be celebrating Christmas with its players. Only, it’s not Christmas of course, because Rift is a fantasy MMO. Instead, it’ll be called Fae Yule.

The event will roll out in three phases, slowing building up the Christmas spirit and excitement. There will be holiday hats, special quests, subscriber bonuses, and corgis dressed as reindeer. I have more to describe, but I’ll understand if that did it for you.

Specific bonuses include bonus experience, PvP favor and Prestige, special achievements, and snowflakes you can earn and to unlock even more Fae Yule goodness. These snowflakes can be used to earn prizes such as a new mount and your very own corgi companion. Of course, it wouldn’t be an event without conflict, and that’s where the Dragon of Air, Crucia, comes in to ruin everyone’s Fae Yule spirit and say, “Ba! Humbug!” Probably spewing out its breath weapon as it does that.

So be sure to get on that and tell everyone which is better: Christmas or Fae Yule? At least Fae Yule has dragons.

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