WWE 12 Marketing Familiar for WWF Followers

The manual for WWE 12 mentions THQ’s Online Pass for their revamped wrestling effort, but something feels off, familiar even. The proclamation is that WWE 12 is “Bigger, Badder, Better,” and maybe that’s true with the new title in tow. That’s not the the only WWE/WWF product floating around with the same tag line however.

Back in 1988, Acclaim pushed out their first licensed console pro wrestling title, WWF Wrestlemania. Hulk Hogan dons the box, mixing with the likes of Andre the Giant, Million Dollar Man, and Honky Tonk Man inside the feeble game design. The title screen? It’s “Bigger, Better, Badder.”


One could question what those adjectives are referring to since there were no other WWF games at the time for the NES. Maybe it’s a knock against Nintendo’s own Pro Wrestling, making the statement a farce for wrestling fans unless Hulk Hogan truly was better than Star Man in their eyes.

Still, if you ever wanted an example of, “Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it,” this is it.