Battlefield 3 Sells 8 Million of 12 Million Shipped Copies

Eight million copies of Battlefield 3 are sitting in homes right now according to sales data from EA. With four million copies remaining on store shelves, it’s not surprising to see many retailers knocking Battlefield 3′s price down a notch on Black Friday (many down to $39).

Still, with hearty competition from Modern Warfare 3, selling so many units across all platforms is a bright spot for EA. That puts the franchise in a different perspective, gaining a foothold on the genre it was losing to a more mainstream audience. With expansions like “Back to Karkand” due soon and the discounted price during busy shopping seasons, there’s a chance for EA to eat up an even larger market share. That is, after all, exactly what this title was about.

Of course, this continues to add weight to the battle between each franchise’s deep rooted fan bases.