GamePro Magazine and Online Down for Good

GamePro was set to begin a quarterly presence, a move that would refocus the magazine financially and keep it going. Sadly, that’s not going to be the case. The first quarterly issue, released in November, will be the magazine’s final hurrah.The online side will merge with PCWorld.

GamePro began in 1988, becoming synonymous with a style that spoke to an entire generation of gamers. Phrases like “ProTip” and “SWAT” became everything to a young game-playing public back then, and the writers donned personas, easing in the gamers of the day. Smiling and frowning faces became review scores. It worked, enough that the GamePro crew and their fictional characters were given limited edition action figures in the late ’90s. That’s how far it reached.

As gamers matured, so did GamePro, a number of redesigns dropping the saturated color for something more professional, and the writing progressed with it. Sadly, gamers no longer adhere to print media, reaching for blogs for something a little quicker and dirtier as the release cycle passes print’s timeline by.

As a die hard gaming magazine collector, seeing another go down is personal in a lot of ways, and in others, just a sign of the times. A generation of gamers probably don’t even know GamePro existed, shocking given what a force it used to be. Even though it held on, GamePro joins a staggering casualty list that has ballooned in these past few years while marketing centric Best Buy and GameStop ‘zines take over.

For some reason, it’s not as fun as it used to be, and that’s not just nostalgia talking. Good luck to those out of work at the worst possible time.