Week in Arcade: Voltron, Scene It Movie Night

Dueling releases a week after the Arcade produced zip, with both coming to a total of $20.

Scene It Movie Night

No online, no sale. Even if Scene It is geared towards couch versus, online play expands the possibility. That said, this is much cheaper than the retail Xbox Scene It editions, and those buzzer controllers do work here. There’s nothing radically new¬† here and if you have a home theater, the sound balancing on the movie clips is the worst you’ll ever hear; just hope no dialogue-related questions pop up. The presentation is snazzy and it remains a fun test of your movie-going mettle, but unless you have consistent competition, there’s no reason to bother.


Enjoyment here comes down to nostalgia levels. Based on the original series and infused with clips, this twin stick shooter isn’t doing anything radical or fresh beyond four-player co-op. Most limit themselves to two. Levels carry a minimalist level of variety and the shooting itself is routine. If dual analog shooters are on your radar, Gatling Gears or Renegade Ops will suffice, although at a higher price. Of course, they don’t have Frank Welker’s voice blaring over the intro video either.