13 Million Korean MapleStory Accounts Hacked

MapleStory, one of Korea’s biggest free-to-play MMOs, was hacked last week, with the personal information of 13 million accounts compromised. The biggest part is that the total userbase of MapleStory is 18 million. If my high school education on math holds up, a third of the entire Korean MapleStory population was affected by the attack. I specify Korean MapleStory players because publisher Nexon said that non-Korean MapleStory players weren’t affected by the hack.

So why were only domestic, Korean accounts affected? Simply put, only domestic, Korean servers were hit by the attack and thus, 13 million accounts were compromised. Non-Korean players are of course, playing on servers much closer to them for better latency. As it’s the way most online games with dedicated servers work, the whole international population of MapleStory was spared from the hack.

Nexon apologized for letting the attack affect them as much as it did and promised to increase security so it wouldn’t happen again. Hopefully, this means worldwide security improvements and not just Korean servers.

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