Notch Hands Over Minecraft’s Reins to Jens

When you think about Minecraft, one inevitably thinks of Notch, the lovable Swedish developer otherwise known as Markus Persson. But now, official control over Minecraft has been handed over to Jens Bergensten, one of the first people Notch brought on to form Mojang.

Fear not though, Minecraft true believers. Notch may as well remain the face of Minecraft like we all know. Jens has taken over as leader developer but Notch is still the man of Mojang. Plus, Notch acknowledges the level of trust going on between him and Jens on his tumbler so I don’t expect to see a whole lot of diverging from the Minecraft brand.

Notch meanwhile has gone on to start on a new, unnamed project. My money’s on Scrolls unless there’s still some red tape to go through since the Bethesda lawsuit some time back.

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